The dawn josephine Collective was started by a girl with an eclectic sense of style who had dreams of being an artist.

“My grandfather would take me and my cousins on road trips around the country. We would always get to the first stop and purchase postcards to mail back to our family and friends, in hopes they would arrive before we got home. So each postmark I find on a postcard brings back special memories from my travels.” – Dawn Josephine


Collective by dawn josephine, located in Historic Downtown Bozeman, is a curated shop of eclectic, artisan made products, handmade jewelry, antiques, furniture and art work. Thought and creativity goes into all aspects of the store, including the artful displays, to enhance the products offered. Collective has something to treasure for everyone…local folk, college student, traveler, men, women, children and you.


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Artists are selected from my worldly travels. I search for unique, quality products with affordable prices, that fit the overall style of the store. Every product purchased is usually something I would buy for myself, or a gift for someone I know.


Timeless and classic, dawn josephine Jewelry incorporates postmarks from all over the world. With three lines to choose from, you can custom design a meaningful heirloom piece of jewelry without breaking the bank.

Dawn Josephine Jewelry Offers Three Lines

For All – Simplified pieces available at affordable pricing. Produced in larger quantities but still customizable so you can design the perfect piece for yourself or for a gift.

Limited Edition – Pieces that use more semi-precious gemstones mixed with sterling silver and gold chains. Includes some hand wire wrapped pieces. More one-of-a-kind, vintage parts used to create pieces that are few-of-a-kind. Pieces are offered higher price points for a amount of limited time. Custom designs available.

Autograph Collection – Truly one-of-a-kind pieces that combine precious and semi-precious gemstones with sterling silver and gold hand wire wrapping. Custom designs available.


All dawn josephine Furniture is handcrafted in the USA with 80% of the materials sourced from within the US. Left over wood from the building process is made into mulch for local landscapers and collected sawdust is used by local farmers for bedding.

You have the option to either purchase floor models or customize your particular piece by selecting:

  • From 300 fabrics, including leather styles
  • Frame styles
  • Leg and arm styles
  • Wood finishes
  • Nail head finishes
  • Cushion firmness
  • Throw pillow styles

We offer free in-home consultations for furniture purchased through the store. We also work with designers.


Iaasc Childs and a few friends picked a journey to live authentic by designing true-to-yourself accessories through American artisanship. Still trekking it, encouraging the individual to step outside and reach within to explore and to create.

‘I was on a travel journal kick in the spring of 1998. Buying six for a backpacking trip would have been overkill, so I bought five. My buddies and I spent most of our time crossing Eastern Europe, and I wrote like mad.

The after-college journey ended and we started another one that same year. Road Trip! MONTANA! The journal I’d used most in Europe found its way out of my rucksack. A page fell out. Poor quality messing with my treasured entries was not something I was cool with. That was it.

I needed a new journal, something maul proof that didn’t cramp my style. After a disappointing search, a book binding course, and a few Benjamins later, I hunched over a hide of top grain leather and a full ream of cotton rag paper, crafting it right.

That first journal turned heads. Before long, my best friends and I teamed up with two goals. One, to craft things right and from the good stuff. Two, to never let business get in the way of friendships or snowboarding!


Eric Hendrick and Noelle VanHendrick have been creating together for over 17 years. They live and work in Vermont homeschooling their three sons and making cups of love and buckets of peace. Joining them is a fantastic team of artisans and dream weavers that help make it all happen.

The ceramic pieces are adorned with Noelle’s words and images that gently remind us we belong and we are in this together. Noelle and Eric are an earthly partnership and collaboration that reaches for the heavens and brings it home in the form of caring ceramics.


After leaving his job working with antiques and salvage in Chicago, Breck Armstrong began Moss Studios on a farm in Michigan. His background in ceramics and nine years with the Brookfield zoo creating exhibits made for the perfect collaboration for his own studio.

With a unique and ever-changing collection of industrial salvage, Moss Studios creates industrial modern furniture and home accessories as well as a line of hand finished concrete pots and planters.




Mon-Sat 10:00-7:00, Sun 10:00-5:00
5 E. Main St. | Bozeman, MT